Ty + Chrystle .

these two had me ooh-ing and ahh-ing the entire shoot . complete babes, obviously . but i was captivated by the love & intimacy they share by just a look exchanged between them . i felt it . and it felt extraordinary .

so this one’s for the lovers . the kind that don’t need words, just a glance .































Brendan + Nina // Seattle .

grey skies with peaks of sunlight . rain one minute, perfect summer day the next . a city of character, history, overly instagrammed beauty marks, and hills . people of variety and a tight-knit community .

seattle .

though a rather short trip, B & N showed me the most amazing parts of seattle . all their favorite spots, the ones that wrote chapters in their love story – the ones that they visit often or are just crazy about , I got to shoot them in their element, their home .

he’s from New Zealand . they met at Oktoberfest in Germany . just happened to cross paths and hit it off . and after dozens of across-sea trips to see eachother and deciding they were going to be committed for life, B moved to Seattle for his dark haired beaut .

I’ve never felt more at home while on a trip than I did with these two . instant friends, instant inappropriate joking and lots of good eats . they showed endless hospitality and love and i’m so thankful for clients I can call friends .

Brendan & Nina – you two are gems and here’s to you .












































Wes + Amy .

Hospitality and genuineness overflow with this pair . Always welcoming, always expecting nothing in return . just full of grace and joy and love and beautiful smiles . this pair united together, relentless love filling their bones, flowing their veins . evident to everyone and inspiring the souls who got to be with them .

And on their wedding day . Quiet whispers throughout the bridal room of what awe and beauty Amy beheld , inside and out . tears and tears and hugs too tight to breathe between Wes & Amy for their first look . gasps of pure awe and sweet adoration when Amy walked down the aisle, tears in the audience matching the tears on Wes’s cheeks . countless smiles and up-going prayers of gratitude, everyone in agreeance that this moment, this ceremony, this covenant, it was graced and blessed and all planned by Him .

Those that were there, they know it well . that the beauty and love beheld on W & A’s day, was seemingly tangible . I’m so excited and honored to share this brilliant wedding .

P.S. Happy belated, Amy! This post dedicated to you and your beloved .

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Johnathan + Anna .

this is my 100th blog post! every post has been full of me . my heart, thoughts, passion, and you beautiful people . my clients and friends, new people i’ve met along the way . thankful for all of you who take time to read my blog and appreciate the art i so joyfully create . so thrilled this is my 100th!


fully immersed in God’s nature . surrounded by vast fields, plateaued mountains, lush greens and Oklahoma dirt . all encompassed this day of Johnathan & Anna’s . it’s easy to be captivated by them and their contagious smiles .. my job made easy when pairing them with the Wichita Mountains .

they kept the ceremony small & intimate inviting only family and closest of friends . in a little cove tucked away at the bottom of a mountain . relaxed and focused on the covenant they were making, followed by cheers and lots of magical photos all over the Wichitas .

thankyou J & A for letting me be the documenter of your beautiful day .

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Matt + Kira . [maternity]

Everyone goes through different seasons of life . Some are longer than others, some are super short, some terrible, some incredible. But seasons always come and go .

I love when I get to photograph people in more than just one season of life . Engagement, wedding, 1 year anniversary, maternity, newborn, family session .. it’s the circle of life and I love being able to capture it all . Clients who become friends or vice versa .. getting to photograph different seasons in their life makes me feel like I’m contributing to that season they’re in . Photos to cherish and remember that exact point in time .. because sometimes it’s nice to look back at a different season of life and remember the sweetness, to be grateful, and to learn from it .

Matt & Kira have allowed me in to such beautiful, meaningful seasons of their lives . From their engagement session back when I was pretty new at this photography thing, to their wedding (which was one of mine & josh’s first weddings to shoot together), and now .. they’re pregnant with their first . a girl . and it’s beautiful .

Kira glowing, per usual . Matt, enamored by Kira, as always . I love these people . & I can’t wait to meet the new babe so soon!

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Eric & Jessica

There could never be a dull moment in their presence, they constantly kept each other (and me) laughing . I love how easy going and goofy they made their shoot . Because really, we shouldn’t ever take ourselves too seriously .

Always pushing myself to find new locations and new ideas for each client can get difficult and tiring . With these two, it was easy . Eric’s an architect and he had the best places in mind for our shoot . OKC never looked cooler than when these two were walking its streets .

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Wesley + Leah .

I’ve always known that my passion and skill with photography isn’t mine to boast about .. it’s God’s overflow of grace on me . He breathed me into existence and He breathed this zeal for photography through my veins and into my soul . He’s blessed me beyond reason with the places I’ve been able to visit and the countless people I’ve met and befriended . He’s allowed me to make a living on it and enabled me to support myself and effectively contribute to the well being of my life with Josh .

I’ve also always known that this blessing I’ve been given is to bless me yes, but to also bless others . To photograph them in ways that make them feel beautiful . To document their love stories and wedding days and newborns and life. God’s given me eyes to see this world in a way that’s unique, creative, sincere . Photos like that are ones you just stare at and feel like you’re there, in that moment . And I love that I get to give my clients that .

With Wesley & Leah’s shoot .. God’s grace abundantly flowed .

While I was shooting their bubbly, hyper, slightly tipsy selves, we were creating magic . Leah had a vision of what she was wanting photo wise, and as I was shooting, I knew it was coming together perfectly . That stunning dress, Spring flowers full bloom, and Oklahoma showing off at sunset .. magic was definitely happening . Jesus was happening .

Later that evening I sent Leah a few previews to get her all the more excited . Her response, she’s given me approval to share, moved and reassured this gift I’ve been given .

“Okay listen. I’m about to get way too honest but I don’t give a shit. I needed these more than anything. Wesley and I have had some serious lows and we are in counseling and I felt like we could never be in love again. During the shoot I was overwhelmed by the fiery passion in his eyes again and today I’ve just been thanking God over and over for redeeming us the past couple of months. And this shoot. This shoot, babe. You captured God’s grace in our marriage.”

With Leah sharing that, I’m reassured . Yes, owning my own business is hard . Yes, I sleep in more than I should and procrastinate and feel lazy and like a failure in this business sometimes . but it’s what I was created to do . and that’s what wakes me up in the morning to reply to e-mails and keeps me up night editing . that’s what makes me stand hunched over at weddings for 8 hours straight . that’s what inspires me to go the extra mile for that bride or rescheduling my week around a baby being born 3 weeks early . I’m created for this . and I’m just getting started .

Wesley & Leah, thank you for being raw, inspiring, and down right sexy . Here’s to your love story and the chapters to come .

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Leah is a vibrant little thing and an amazing photographer up in Fort Smith, AR. Find her stuff here.

credz //

makeup : Samantha Scott 

hair : Vivid Salon


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