Matt + Kira . [maternity]

Everyone goes through different seasons of life . Some are longer than others, some are super short, some terrible, some incredible. But seasons always come and go .

I love when I get to photograph people in more than just one season of life . Engagement, wedding, 1 year anniversary, maternity, newborn, family session .. it’s the circle of life and I love being able to capture it all . Clients who become friends or vice versa .. getting to photograph different seasons in their life makes me feel like I’m contributing to that season they’re in . Photos to cherish and remember that exact point in time .. because sometimes it’s nice to look back at a different season of life and remember the sweetness, to be grateful, and to learn from it .

Matt & Kira have allowed me in to such beautiful, meaningful seasons of their lives . From their engagement session back when I was pretty new at this photography thing, to their wedding (which was one of mine & josh’s first weddings to shoot together), and now .. they’re pregnant with their first . a girl . and it’s beautiful .

Kira glowing, per usual . Matt, enamored by Kira, as always . I love these people . & I can’t wait to meet the new babe so soon!

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Eric & Jessica

There could never be a dull moment in their presence, they constantly kept each other (and me) laughing . I love how easy going and goofy they made their shoot . Because really, we shouldn’t ever take ourselves too seriously .

Always pushing myself to find new locations and new ideas for each client can get difficult and tiring . With these two, it was easy . Eric’s an architect and he had the best places in mind for our shoot . OKC never looked cooler than when these two were walking its streets .

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Wesley + Leah .

I’ve always known that my passion and skill with photography isn’t mine to boast about .. it’s God’s overflow of grace on me . He breathed me into existence and He breathed this zeal for photography through my veins and into my soul . He’s blessed me beyond reason with the places I’ve been able to visit and the countless people I’ve met and befriended . He’s allowed me to make a living on it and enabled me to support myself and effectively contribute to the well being of my life with Josh .

I’ve also always known that this blessing I’ve been given is to bless me yes, but to also bless others . To photograph them in ways that make them feel beautiful . To document their love stories and wedding days and newborns and life. God’s given me eyes to see this world in a way that’s unique, creative, sincere . Photos like that are ones you just stare at and feel like you’re there, in that moment . And I love that I get to give my clients that .

With Wesley & Leah’s shoot .. God’s grace abundantly flowed .

While I was shooting their bubbly, hyper, slightly tipsy selves, we were creating magic . Leah had a vision of what she was wanting photo wise, and as I was shooting, I knew it was coming together perfectly . That stunning dress, Spring flowers full bloom, and Oklahoma showing off at sunset .. magic was definitely happening . Jesus was happening .

Later that evening I sent Leah a few previews to get her all the more excited . Her response, she’s given me approval to share, moved and reassured this gift I’ve been given .

“Okay listen. I’m about to get way too honest but I don’t give a shit. I needed these more than anything. Wesley and I have had some serious lows and we are in counseling and I felt like we could never be in love again. During the shoot I was overwhelmed by the fiery passion in his eyes again and today I’ve just been thanking God over and over for redeeming us the past couple of months. And this shoot. This shoot, babe. You captured God’s grace in our marriage.”

With Leah sharing that, I’m reassured . Yes, owning my own business is hard . Yes, I sleep in more than I should and procrastinate and feel lazy and like a failure in this business sometimes . but it’s what I was created to do . and that’s what wakes me up in the morning to reply to e-mails and keeps me up night editing . that’s what makes me stand hunched over at weddings for 8 hours straight . that’s what inspires me to go the extra mile for that bride or rescheduling my week around a baby being born 3 weeks early . I’m created for this . and I’m just getting started .

Wesley & Leah, thank you for being raw, inspiring, and down right sexy . Here’s to your love story and the chapters to come .

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Leah is a vibrant little thing and an amazing photographer up in Fort Smith, AR. Find her stuff here.

credz //

makeup : Samantha Scott 

hair : Vivid Salon

Josh + Melissa . (our engagement photos)

simply and utterly .. what would i do without you? 


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our engagement photos were photographed by Abby Coyle and edited/styled by me . it was such a fun and perfect way to collaborate our engagement shoot . I wouldn’t have changed a thing .

8 days to go until i’m forever a wife . and dear lord, I’m so excited . 

If I could give my bride clients one piece of advice .. it’s to freaking embrace this season of engagement . So many other things can boggle down this time that is supposed to be so sweet .. stress, schedules, in-laws (not ours, thankfully!), uninvolved friends, worries, Satan .. they all are possibilities that can really take away the focus of preparation and excitement . And I always hear brides saying they just can’t wait until the honeymoon because their engagement and wedding has just got out of control and the joy has been overshadowed by other things . My heart just breaks for them! You’ll never get this moment back . This moment of anticipation of getting to marry your beloved . I know it’s hard and sometimes impossible to ignore things outside of your control .. but in every moment possible, stop and breathe and hold your fiancé . breathe in this season you’re in . focus on the promise . let go of anything else trying to rob your joy . 


I’ve thoroughly enjoyed mine and josh’s engagement . I have the most wonderful parents and in-laws who bless us beyond reason . I have the sweetest friends who make me feel so loved and thought about . & I have the most perfect man to love and help me see the joy in everything . He’s the best partner, supporter, friend, lover . I can’t wait to be his bride .

Sean + Hayley .

it’s like milk and honey with these two . sweet from beginning to end . you leave their presence feeling more optimistic about life, love, and what’s important . it’s deep .  it’s head over heels . it’s not being able to ever remember life before them . it’s evergreen . 

for you, sean & hayley . 1 2a 3 4 5 6 7 7a 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20 21 22 23 24 25 26 27 28


Brady + Christy .

you never really know what you’re going to get with a couple . you know they’re in love . they’re engaged and in an exciting season of planning their wedding . but you just never know how they’ll be in front of the camera . if they’ll feel shy or awkward, if they had got into a fight on the way to the shoot, if they don’t feel confident or comfortable in front of the camera .. i’ve honestly had them all! but regardless the situation or the couple, smiles and laughs and millions of kisses are always had during the shoot . i direct well, i’ll pose you when needed and i’ll make you laugh . i’m all about PDA and i’ll make you pretend i’m not there at times! i capture raw moments, candids and inside jokes, and all the sweet looks you exchange . it’s all photo worthy and i’m always in awe . 

now, all that said .. Brady & Christy were not the kind to be shy or awkward . they rarely needed direction and i just let them do their thing . their love thing . it was so much fun capturing the love of these two!

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Chris + Megan .

Many of you know I got engaged this past November to my personal dreamboat . it’s been one sweet engagement so far . But dang, it’s kept my mind so preoccupied I’ve been a total slacker at blogging . sorry! .. kind of. ;] it’s been a nice break !

But I’ve had this one stored and ready to be blogged for awhile . it’s a wedding that was a top favorite of mine to be a part of last year . they included me and welcomed me like family, bridesmaids and groomsmen alike . chris and megan are two of the most genuinely kind and compassionate people i’ve ever met, and deeply loved by hundreds .

When Megan first contacted me, she was in Texas, he was in North Dakota, and their wedding was going to be in her parent’s backyard in Indiana . they’re adventures by heart and their shared mission of spreading Christ’s love is what brought them together.

On their wedding website, Megan wrote – “he has every intent to enhance what I’ve dreamed for my life and make it that much more possible by joining together to use this life of adventure for His glory. My joy is solidified by the continuous happiness that he creates in me. He has shown me a type of unconditional love that has helped set me free and heal me from any past hurt that inflicted my life before he even knew me.”

It’s a goosebump kind of love story and I was so honored to get to photograph it .











































































yep, that’s me . I had some help from one of the wonderful bridesmaids on the dance floor while I danced with the bride and groom for a bit . such a fun celebration <3





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